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Despite being a real introvert, I love to share my story.

I have been a guest on several podcasts and I have appeared on Facebook Lives talking about life as a business owner, LinkedIn (a popular topic), the benefits of outsourcing and health issues.

As well as being a guest, I often go live in the Facebook group I co-run called LMS Collective.  In the group, I share lots of tips and I chat to guests every other month.

I had a great conversation chatting to Mike O’Reilly from the Age Diversity Network all about LinkedIn.

I shared lots of tips on how to utilise your LinkedIn profile and how to maximise the opportunities you can gain from using the platform.

During my conversation with Soma Ghosh, we covered a lot!  

We spoke about:

  • Mental health
  • Starting a business
  • Career happiness
  • Being a parent  and juggling a business
  • The power of LinkedIn
I chatted to Vicki Carroll about growing your business with the support of a virtual team. We also discussed LinkedIn and how to use it effectively and the positive benefits of creating engaging content.

This podcast was a little different, it was less business chat and more about the realities of running a business.  I spoke to Trisha Lewis about the realities and how I balance running my business whilst managing my health.

I talked about crushing perceptions and how to make your world work for you.

At the end of 2019, I chatted to Emmie Faust about the benefits of outsourcing to a VA (Virtual Assistant) and how it can help you to grow your business.

As the owner of a VA Agency, I also explained the difference between a PA/EA/VA and what to expect when working with a VA.

Are you looking for a guest?

If you are looking for a guest for your podcast or ‘live’, get in touch.