The value of a sounding board

The value of a sounding board

How often do you get that feeling? The one where you have lots of ideas, thoughts and niggling worries but you keep it all to yourself? Mainly for fear of judgement or perhaps you don’t know who to trust or you don’t know who the right person would be to approach. You’re not alone in […]

Managing a team for the first time

Managing a team for the first time- workflow virtual

Whether you have been given a promotion at work or you run your own business and you’re planning to outsource, if you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing people/projects, you might experience a range of emotions. Excitement because suddenly you have added responsibility, it will enable you to grow (personally and professionally) and the opportunity […]

Saying “no” and setting boundaries

Saying no and setting boundaries - Workflow Virtual

If you’re a people pleaser, your automatic response is to say “yes” to everything, regardless of how busy you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, family or friends asking you to do something, you say “yes” but in your mind, you start thinking, “why on earth did I say yes”. You know why, it’s […]